Tuesday, August 30

sights and sounds of...

... a browne family

dad browne, bo, and a friend from church set up a big yard sale in our yard this past saturday. jack and ellie wanted in on the action so we baked some chocolate chip cookies and grandma made some rice crispy treats and sold them along with strawberry lemonade. ellie didn't last very long, but jack stayed out and sold the goods from 7:30 - 12:30! i think he has inherited the browne family business genes. he made $15!

grandma, layna, rikki, larissa, and i stayed inside with the kids and had a grand time. it was nice to be able to stay in the air conditioning and watch the people coming and going :)
that evening we all met up for some of chris' tasty spare ribs, corn bread and baked beans. it was a great saturday!


Kersey Campbell said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

Carolina said...

"Garage sale people." That is awesome. Well, I hope you got a lot of garage sale people and made lots of moo-la!!! I wish we could have made it for some yummy lemonade and cookies!!!

Bloom Family said...

You didn't even tell me to stop by and buy your junk! :) way to go Jack! That is hard to do especially in the heat. and $15 bucks ... not bad!