Tuesday, August 2

cabana boy

this is the cutest boy in the world. ever. absolutely. positively.

and he loves the pool.

and he has a secret.

shhhhh, don't tell grandpa!

charlie prefers to swim in the buff
but with a tush that dimpled and sweet, how could he not?

and grandma can't resist it...
charlie had his 6 month check up in july and everything is going great!
he was 22 1/2 lbs (97%) and 98% in length. I'm sure he has added a pound or two since then.
he is sitting up pretty well now, gets up on his hands and knees and has even taken a few crawls with his knees, but his hands are slow to follow. which, if you were wondering, results in a face plant. he doesn't say any real distinct sounds yet.
he is getting better at eating solids and enjoys sweet potatoes the most. today he tried to wave to jack and ellie several times. even though it resembled a cat pawing at the air, it was adorable, not to mention the older kids felt pretty special. he is still refusing to ween to a bottle, much to my chagrin. but i really can't complain. this boy brings smiles to everyone around him!


Steve and Donna said...

the poor lad- he'll thank you later for these shots (hah).

Carolina said...

oh. my. gosh. That picture of his bum is the cutest thing ever!!!! You need to get a 15x20 and hang it up in your living room :D