Sunday, September 11

it feels like a long time

it hasn't really been that long since I've blogged, but it feels that way. so, here is a very random update on our clan. and because i can't seem to bring myself to post with out some pictures, there are some random photos scattered through out to go along with my random thoughts. photos of me as a kid, my parents on their honeymoon in mexico (i think it was their honeymoon, not positive), chris and i on our honeymoon in jackson hole, and fat booth pics of my own little ones from my iphone.

so, here goes.

i started "training" last week for a 5k. 
my new friend, amy, is training carolina and i to go from coach potato to 5k in 9 weeks. she says its fool-proof. i just keep hoping I'm not the one fool that proves her wrong :) we are aiming for a race in late october/early november. i wouldn't say that i hate running, because that implies that i have run before, but its just been so long since i've done anything like this. so it will be good. in fact, i ran in the rain the other night and actually loved it.

(little sister alli and i sportin' our coconuts that mom and dad brought back from hawaii. notice my hacked bangs. i did that more than once.)

ellie is starting preschool tomorrow.
she is beside herself and set out her clothes tonight, just like jack does.
it's once a week and there are three other moms from church who are jointing in. it should be a lot of fun for her. she will be the only girl, which somehow always equates into being special. aka spoiled. speaking of special...

charlie is crawling all over the place.
he has been for a couple weeks now. the tops of his toes are getting blisters so he has his first pair of shoes... those ugly little leather things that can't fall off. i love those things! and so does charlie.

football season has started. 'nuff said.

(jack, ready for his first game. 5 days old.)

jack earned a pinewood derby race car.
we went to a derby at the beginning of the year and jack wanted a car so badly. we told him if he could go for one whole week without sucking his thumb that he could get one. it's taken a while, but he did it! he and chris (i feel like i have to say that even though it should just say chris) spent most of saturday morning cutting and sanding and painting and perfecting jack's speedster.

chris and i are daydreaming of where the future will take us.
we only have 6 months left of school. and i have a feeling they are going zoom right past us. the time to apply for jobs is fast approaching. after being absolutely positive for the longest time that we wanted to either stay in florida, or head to ohio to be near family, we have changed our minds. and I'm so glad we have the freedom to do that. i feel like i am stuck. in a rut. and i need to grow a little. something that will challenge us to grow together as a little family. we want to go somewhere new and experience new places. we want to go somewhere close to a lot of church history, american history, and outdoor recreational diversity. and we decided that there is no time like the present to do it!
after searching quite a bit all over, we have been drawn to the southeast and are seriously looking into north carolina. we aren't set on anything and don't know where we will truly end up, but the charlotte area is making us giddy with anticipation!

charlie had diarrhea for a week straight.
hey, i had to include it as it's been a major part of our lives this week.

(my dad gave me this bike for my 4th or 5th birthday. he spray painted it white that fades into pink and it had a banana seat with purple stars on it. there are no words to describe the excitement i felt when i woke up and saw this next to my bed on my birthday morning)

charlie is weened!!!
the boy has 6 teeth and is the size of a small sumo wrestler. it was time. 
i was able to far surpass my goal of two months and feel quite proud of myself. now if only i could get that handsome boy to sleep through the night then we could finally make it to harry potter world :)

(i grew up thinking my mom was the most beautiful woman in the entire world and i still do. this picture is the perfect example of how i remember my mom from when i was pretty little. isn't she gorgeous in this red suit?! i love it)

only one week left of chris' crazy clinal rotations!
yahoo! yippee! 
after more than three months of him coming and going, you'd think i could say good bye one last time without tears. you'd think i could, but i couldn't. he sure makes me a happy girl when he is near.

and on the tenth anniversary of september 11th, my heart is filled with gratitude for this incredible country. i hope i can do an adequate job teaching my children to love and respect their country that our loving Father in Heaven has given us.

"Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve. America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world. And no one will keep that light from shining." 

George W. Bush, 9-11-2001


Kate said...

I love all those old pictures, because those are exactly how I remember all of you! I can even remember how your house smelled like bamboo. We had some good times there!

Kandie said...

Oh my those fat pics were hilarious...I couldn't stop laughing...and yes your mom is beautiful!! I mean really beautiful and you inherited her beauty. LUCKY!!

We are having fun daydreaming too...good luck with your decision. It's been harder than I thought it would be. I liked your random post.

Amy said...

speaking of special...your kids sure are :) That was a fun post. I loved the random pictures.