Friday, September 16

creative juices

we made our first visit of the spooky season to party city yesterday. I'm so glad that my kids like halloween as much as i do! which leads me to quite the conundrum: what should we be for halloween???
i am always thinking about it through the entire year. all year long the kids tell me that they want to be this or that for halloween, but usually they are something that my basic sewing talents can't quite conjure up, something like a paragon falcon that doesn't just pretend to fly. my biggest problem is that i want us to all go together.
in my perfect world, our whole family (extended fam as well) would all dress up as a different character from harry potter. even as a ward. wouldn't that be amazing! i would love love LOVE to be bellatrix and chris be he-who-must-not-be-named. or the malfoys. chris would be a great lucius malfoy. oooo! i would also love to be arthur and molly weasley. man, it would be impossible to decide. charlie of course would be dobby and jack would love to be harry again, for the third time. I'm not sure who ellie would want to be, but if i could pick, based off of looks and personality, she would totally be draco. i mean look at that face under the batman mask. when i texted chris the pic, his response was, "ellie looks like a stone cold killa".... is that not fitting of the malfoy family?! my mom and dad could totally be hagrid and madame maxime. 
how about the rest of you, any ideas for this year?


Carolina said...

Sophie is going to be a ballerina (which is the closest I will go to "princess" which is what she would really really want to be)

Liam hasn't quite decided yet.

I love that you love halloween!!! And I hate that you guys are going to be gone for the party!!

Amy said...

I have an elvis costume I made for Kate a few years ago. I think Madeline is going to wear that this year.

It might fit Charlie next year...then Ellie could be Marilyn Monroe, not sure who Jack could be. You and Chris could be Sonny and Cher or something. hmmm, I think I'm getting carried away. I love Halloween too. Maybe someday we'll be close enough so our kids could go trick or treating together. That would be awesome.

Jacob said...

I want Louie to be a mosquito

Larissa said...

dibs on lupin and tonks