Thursday, September 22


the older skids are afraid of monsters and giants at night.
each night they put a toy in front of their door to protect their room. usually it's a snake or something scary like that. here are a couple pictures that i took at night this week:
 a bee. very frightening

 pirates, sea creatures and dinosaurs, oh my!

shields they made at stake conference.
jack's has a picture of the temple and a picture of him being baptized.
ellie's has a circle.

totally late:

1-ellie's first day of preschool picture

2- a picture of our updated word wall.
the kids water-color painted a bunch of papers and then i cut out the letters.
we love how it turned out!

daddy is home!
after not having much time with us over the past 13 weeks, he decided to take this week off to relax, spend time with the family, and prepare for an exam. yesterday he took jack fishing off the dock at grandpa's.

last night, while trying to fall asleep, i kept thinking about how great jack is. it was a good day. so i decided that i wanted to do a special post about jack to let everyone know how cool he is. and then i thought i should do it for each of the kids. so the next few posts will be dedicated to each of our special friends.


Larissa said...

i don't see you for 2 days and you get bangs! looks great! (as usual)

Katie said...

I agree, Jack is a great kid. We sure miss you guys!!