Thursday, July 14

he said she said (part 2)

last july i pretended to be a reporter and interviewed the kids. i thought it would be fun to do it again, a year later, to see what has changed. as it turns out, only one thing has stayed the same: jack's favorite word to say :)
(because ellie cant make the "rrr" sound, i will replace all R's with a W)

what's your favorite food?
j: i like, um... eh... grouper
e: cheese!

what's your favorite color?
j: purple and pink and brown
e: pink and gween

what's your favorite thing to do?
j: um, go to grandmas and ride (bikes) and swim and go to the beach and fish on the beach
e: colow wiff gween and pink

what's your favorite movie?
j: a clark movie
e: spickle me and twain yow dwagon
(despicable me and how to train your dragon)

favorite thing to wear?
j: my superman shirt
e: a skiwt that twiwlls and a gween shiwt

least favorite thing to do?
j: sitting in a hot car
e: playing wiff bad bawbies

favorite animal?
j: cheetahs because they run at super speed!
e: howses and ponies

if you could be an animal, what would you be?
j: could i be a transformer instead? cause i'd want to be a bumblebee transformer
e: a huge, big, humongous giant

favorite word to say?
j: fish
e: chawlie

your favorite thing to dream about?
j: batman. oh no! i mean clark, yeah clark kent
e: pwincesses and ponies (giggle giggle)

favorite treat?
j: saltwater taffy from bass pro
e: popsicles

favorite chore?
j: washing the car with my hands
e: typing and scwubbing the toilet

which super hero would you be?
j: clark kent!
(said with a DUH tone in his voice)
e: supew snack
(super snack is the hero she has made up for herself and pretends to be while jack is superman)

favorite book?
j: captain abdul's pirate school
e: a pwincess one

what would you like to do if you were an adult?
j: i would like to go to the hospital and work on people and i would also like to... eat more treats after dinner
e: be a big humongous giant!


Steve and Donna said...

tell Clark we hope to see him soon :)

Carolina said...

Ellie my favorite chore is scrubbing toilets too!!!

This is such a great idea, I think I need to start interviewing Sophie!

Kandie said...

I sooo miss all of you. This has been the longest week and a half of my life. Thanks for the post it made me happy. I love that ellie is super snack. That is too funny.