Tuesday, June 28

concerts for dessert

after dinner tonight, jack asked what was for dessert. when i told him nothing, he looked puzzled. after a few seconds he said, "whats a concert, can i have that for dessert?"

so we had a concert for dessert tonight.

they made their own instruments and asked charlie and i to sing.
we are heading out on tour this fall, so book us now if you're interested before its too late ;)
oh, and our band name is, of course, dessert.


Aprihl said...

Those two make me laugh. They are soooo busy!

Larissa said...

rock on kidlets- rock on!

Larissa said...

bye the way my word verification was "ingbo" I think I could morph that into miss"ing bo" :) Missing you guys too! You guys should come out! Oh, wait, you don't want to lose your sanity with 3 kids and 3 flights and 2 three hour layovers do you? Then maybe you should stay put. (yes, that was my day-- except just 2 kiddos)