Friday, June 10

ahoy, it's a boy!

larissa and i put together a baby shower for a sweet friend of ours from church, alicia. it was last tuesday (may 30th) and was held at the clawson's home on bonita beach.
alicia is one of those people that is good at everything. no, i take that back. not just good. excellent is a better word. she can and does do everything you could imagine. she sews, cooks, teaches, remodels (and im talking about laying tile and putting up crown moulding), she is the first one to volunteer when someone needs help... you name it, she does it! i am very lucky to be her visiting teacher because every time i leave her house, i feel like i was the one who was just taught something. it really was fun to do something for someone who really deserves a shindig!

because it was for a little boy (alexander!), we went with a nautical theme.
lari and i were very excited about this theme. we loved the colors. the patterns. the food. oh, the food!
making and putting together all of the details was so fun. i wish i could do things like this everyday.

check it out:

because this is alicia's first, we thought we should play a couple games.
first, was one that my sister-in-laws did for me where there are a few baby essentials and every one tries to estimate the total of the items. the best part, it doubles as a gift for the mom-to-be! the second was matching celebrity baby names to the celebrity- SO funny! larissa can always come up with fun things to get a party going!

after searching everywhere for fabric... yes, everywhere... i finally found the perfect stripes and polka dots on etsy, imagine that!

oreo truffle pops- super tasty (and easy!)
coconut cupcakes
(just add a touch of coconut extract to a white cake mix and a little toasted coconut on top- scrumptious!)

not a shabby backdrop for a party, eh?

this last photo is gorgeous of alicia! we had been laughing really hard right before the picture because we just happened to be sitting like it was an engagement photo. im just glad rikki angled it so you couldnt see all of the smudges on my white shorts. fyi- setting up a baby shower in white shorts isnt the best idea in the world.

many thanks to rikki for taking the incredible photos. and lari, i cant wait for the next one!


Steve and Donna said...

this turned out great- you were able to have fun goodies too- I had to concentrate on the decorations since I was more or less in charge (hah). But I had some fun sweets- we're still chewing the bubble gum :)

Kathleen said...

You guys are baby shower geniuses!! What lovely decorations and yummy food!!!

Carolina said...

You sure know how to throw a party!! It was so fun. You also need to follow One Charming Party blog. You could totally be an author of a fancy smancy party column. Haha

Larissa said...

wait a minute? you can't wait for the next baby or for the next baby shower? :)

Katie said...

That picture of you two is pretty funny. You make such a cute couple!!
You guys are the best party-throwers. If I have another one (and if I do, it better be a boy!) will you throw me a shower on the beach?

Kiirstin said...

Lisa, you are so creative and outgoing! It looks like it was fun AND delicious. Can I hire you for my next party??