Friday, June 24

what's up

we have been missing daddy this week.
chris left for port st. joe on sunday. we have been able to skype and talk on the phone so it hasnt been too painful thus far... but there's still two weeks to go.

this post is for you chris :)
while you have been busy studying and working (aka- trying oysters, seeing the sights, eating bbq, and hanging out with docs), here are some of the things we have been "into" this week:

making truffles
thinking about your birthday that we will miss
and hoping you have enjoyed your b-day countdown via email
latest book club read
(for those that have read the book, we had chocolate pie and co-colas y'all. i even dressed up in my best 60's hair and make-up... have i mentioned i love book club? oh, just checkin!)

animal crackers dipped in left-over chocolate from truffles
his first loose tooth!
school school school (starts in august!)
getting excited about special reading lessons starting next week.
today he picked out a new backpack and a binder and pencils.
not just superman,
clark kent

being "the man of the house" while you are away

forget the animal crackers,
she went straight for the fingers dipped in chocolate...
just like her mama
obsessed with owls all of the sudden.
she checked out books at the library and decided
she likes the snowy owls best.
painting her nails in "tart deco" and "cajun shrimp"

and showing off those stylin' tootsies and digits!

playing with his TWO new teeth!
... but he's still smiling!
and he's decided he is a side-sleeper

and, of course, milk
we miss you so!
hope week #2 goes as well as #1
... for all of us :)


Kate said...

Just promise me that you didn't make Minny's chocolate pie!

Rikki Browne said...

I LOVE those pics of Jack! The angle and the way you hugged in tight... nice : ) I'm not surprised Ellie likes the snowy owl the most. I cried when my favorite snowy owl died... Hedwig of course.