Wednesday, February 29

what nightmares are made of

i had a nightmare
last wednesday night.
but it didn't only last wednesday night,
it continued on in all its horrid glory through thursday.

and just when i thought it was finally over,
it came again on friday.

i know what you're thinking.
"it couldn't possibly have haunted you again?!"

but sure enough,
it returned yesterday for hopefully its final haunting.

"what was the nightmare?" you ask.


and barf.
and more puke.
and even more barf.
with a little bit of.... well, you can imagine what else.

it started with ellie throwing up all over my mom's bed.
(sorry mom! we owe you a new blanket! i haven't forgotten!)

when we got home, it continued. 
then after thinking she was somewhat settled, i.e. empty,
she proved us wrong.
then jack joined in the fun.
then charlie thursday morning.
then me thursday night.
then ellie and charlie both started up again on friday.
and, don't you worry, chris picked it up yesterday.

we pretty much lived in the towel-covered-living room for a solid 2 days,
doing nothing but watch Sprout like little preschooler zombies.

jack was the best sick-o you could ever hope for.
ellie wins the award for the worst.
and charlie, well, he was just a pathetic little puking babe.

 i hate throw-up and hope this never happens again.
there is nothing worse than taking care of three sick kids and being sick yourself.
its so dang hard.
and it smells real bad.


Steve and Donna said...

memories- we had a plaque like this when the kids were little- you're right the room smelled real bad. Better to get it over with!

Kate said...

I hear you. Our record is five sick people and a combined total of 17 barfings in 24 hours. So sorry! I hope you all feel better soon.

Carolina said...

Oh Lisa! So sorry! This looks miserable, but I must say I like your little living room/hospital. Hope your nightmare doesn't return. Where did this all come from?! Jacky's school?

Melissa said...

That is awful! We have always been lucky so that usually if all the kids and Joel got sick, I didn't or if I got sick no one else did. So sorry!

Carrie said...

I'm glad the rest of you are feeling better. Hopefully Chris gets better soon!! That is a fear of mine, being sick at the same time as kids! Glad you got through your part of it, and hopefully it doesn't start up again with Chris getting it! Hang in there! Hopefully you're almost in the clear!

Smith Family said...

Yikes! And ugh! And Oooo! Hope the sunny skies bring health and the calm after the storm.

Kandie said...

OH DEAR OH DEAR OH DEAR!!! You poor thing, throw up is quite simply the yuckiest most foul stuff EVER!! I'm am glad it's over for now.