Thursday, February 16



chris last day of school was on the 3rd and graduation was this past sunday, the 12th!

MAN, it feels good!
i couldn't be more proud of chris.
he done good. he done reeeeal good.

bart and janie were able to take 6 days off to join us for the festivities.
we had SO MUCH FUN while they were here!
i'll post more about their visit next.

here's a picture of our whole group, minus bo & everett, and danny, carolina & kids, who made it for the ceremony but had to leave before we took pictures. thanks everyone for your support. not just at graduation, but for these long 28 months!

a special thanks to larissa for watching charlie so we could all sit and watch the entire ceremony. it was located at the hyatt coconut, so i was able to swing by afterwards and grab him so he could be in our pictures afterwards. thanks again, lari, it made it so enjoyable.

here are the 4 guys that survived this journey together:
aaron lancaster, steve carpenter, ryan wojnicki (graduated with 4.0!), and our chris

 and my lifesavers through this whole thing:
natalie lancaster and kandie carpenter

i thought, since we were only two minutes away from our house,
"how fun would it be to surprise chris with a tandem bike to ride home on?!"
so i called this bike-man that we know and had him set it up for us.
thanks bike man ;)

only problem: it was FA-REEEEEEZING!
so we rode around the parking lot a couple times for pictures and called it good

i love this CRNA

we really were meant for each other 

 the after party:

all thats left now is passing the boards
...piece of cake!


Amy said...

Love the bike idea. and happy birthday to Ellie. I laughed at your no princes party rule, I laughed to keep from crying, knowing that is what my future is full of, and it's ironic because I've always disliked pink and glitter.

Carrie said...

Congrats Chris and Lisa!!! I'm not sure which of you worked harder during the journey, but clearly you make an amazing team! Love you guys!!

Steve and Donna said...

so fun to see.... loved the bike idea and you do have a great bike man in the family.....

Carolina said...

So happy for you both! You guys are such a good team and your hardwork paying off. Congratulations!!!

Larissa said...

I've said it once and I will say it again... Way to go Browers! Now on to bigger and better things!

Bloom Family said...

So, so excited for you guys to be done!! Congrats and good luck on the boards Chris!