Monday, September 14

cobbler, newlyweds, and preschool

sorry. long time no post. well, let me rewind things a bit. alli and jacob were here for layna's wedding and we were fortunate enough to have them stay for almost two weeks after the wedding. for labor day we had a huge feast (including chris' ribs, homemade baked beans, fruit, texas toast, etc). but the star of the show was larissa's peach cobbler. it was insanely delectable! i have a feeling alli wont appreciate this picture very much...i have a knack for posting such pictures :)
we are missing these two punks very much
is this not one of the cutest faces ever? i have a huge soft spot for everett, especially when he's in his shiny blue speedo

i have started teaching a small preschool group. they meet twice a week and i only have to teach every third week. they started last week and today was my first time teaching. these guys were so much fun, i am looking forward to wednesday.
here's an upclose and personal view of my pupils!


( of course )

as luck would have it, jack decided to break a snow globe right towards the beginning of my first time teaching. do you know what the fluid is inside of a snowglobe? i can tell you. oil! yes, oil! lets just say it made a rotten mess and took quite a while to clean up. the kids kept running through it so i made them all sit on the edge of the tub and wash their tootsies. and i had to snap a picture cause they looked so stinkin cute.

i made this little hanging pocket thing for the kids to keep all of their school work in. i thought it turned out pretty neat. i put their names on their pocket with that printable fabric. have i ever mentioned how much i love that stuff? its awesome for lazy people like myself that cant/dont take time on projects!
this is chris's last week of work. he starts school full-time on the 28th and we are both excited to have him start....because it means we are that much closer to finishing! it has been over 4 years since chris started working the night shift at work! i had a hard time getting used to sleeping without him at night and i have a feeling it will take some getting used to having him there again, but i dont mind in the least :)


Becky Bean said...

Whoo! You are awesome! We're just on the beginning end of the whole night job to get experience hours for grad school thing. It will be 100% wonderful when this phase is over!

Also, that's a great idea, the paper-hanger thingy. I love it. We have tons of papers that I never know what to do with, and I might just have to copy you.

...where do you get that printable fabric?

Carrie said...

Very cute Lis! You never cease to amaze me! That's great that you're teaching pre-school, and I hope you love it! Your little pupils are adorable. And I'm glad that you have finally solved the mystery of the sno-globe liquid! Actually I guess we could thank little Jackman for that one! Oh!...and when did you guys get that back door put in??? Love you guys!!!

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Thompson Family said...

I just learned how to do Blackberry cobbler and it is good. But the peach one looks yummy too. What type of preschool are you doing?

Larissa said...

hope you don't mind if i quote you in a comment, but you just said "lazy people like myself that cant/dont take time on projects". are you kidding?!??! you are not lazy and you make the most wonderful heartfelt crafy little projects, if i were doing pre-school papers would be littering my floor, but not you- you have them all cute and classy in their own little recepticles- way to go!

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