Tuesday, September 22

bienvenidos a miami

last night we headed over to miami for the dolphins/colts football game! as im sure most of you know, im not THE BIGGEST FOOTBALL FAN in the world, but im married to him so...
i was excited to go because we were going (without the kids) with our good friends, ben and katie smith, from the ward.
we got to miami early enough to stop somewhere for dinner. we wanted to try something a little different. we decided on jamaican food and plugged it in the GPS. we ended up at this place:
yes, thats right, it is called "nice mon".
on the menu were things like oxtails and curried goat. this was the real deal folks! while all five of the people in the restaurant were watching us, we decided to head next door to a very local restaurant called chilis....ok i suppose some of you have probably heard of it.
eating at chili's was quite an experience in and of itself. i dont want to go into too many details, but im pretty sure its safe to say that our waitress didnt like us because we were white. i dont usually talk about race and all that mumbo jumbo, but she was quite obvious about it. she was rude enough that chris didnt even leave a tip, which i didnt feel good about, but im trying to get over it
the game was really really fun! the stadium felt HUGE and we were lucky enough to sit in the 11th row! i realized that an NFL game is nothing like attending a BYU game. this struck me as the guy next to us had beer thrown at him before the game even started. but besides all the drunks and insane amounts of cleavage, i had so much fun with katie. we are always laughing and have a good time together. i will be so so so sad when their family moves next spring.

apparently there were supposed to be a few celebs at the game, but we only saw one. luckily it was one of chris' all time favorites! thats right, MR. TIGER WOODS was at the game!
he stood on the sidelines and we had a perfect view of him the whole time. it was pretty amazing, i have to admit.

we call this picture "crouching tiger (no) hidden dragon"


Larissa said...

i was looking at your old post when you posted the new one about the football game, must be naptime at your house too :) looks like you guys had some sweet seats, so glad you didn't get beat up in miami.

Carrie said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I'd love to go to an NFL game someday. This season...my goal is to go to a BYU game, I've never been! Glad you guys enjoyed it!

word verification: bastud

Kersey and Preston said...

holy crap! that waitress should be glad that a tip is all she is lacking and now a limb! although, now she has another reason to dislike us pale faces. ah well! Glad you had fun!

Kersey and Preston said...

woah carrie! you're word verification is almost a naughty word! watch out now!

word verification: mixami

kind of appropriate right? mixin' it up in miami!

Katie said...

Ahh, yes, the cleavage. May have been the highlight of the evening for some (one) of us! Or was it the sweet smell of alcohol everywhere I turned? Either way it was totally AWESOME and well worth the complete exhaustion I felt all day from getting home at 3 am and the girls waking up before 7. Nice. What should be our next adventure?

Thompson Family said...

cool..... try going to a ice hockey game. beer is flowing!!

Carrie said...

Haha! I know! At first I thought, huh...this word has stud in it, cool! And then after I posted it I realized it was almost a bad word! Sorry! And yes, that lady definitely did not deserve a tip. Don't feel bad about that at all Lis!

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