Monday, August 31

Mr. & Mrs. Montecino

what a wonderful weekend the browne family had! we headed up to orlando on thursday afternoon. we met up with the family (which included rikki, alli, and jacob) that evening. on friday morning i got to do do laynas hair and make-up and turned her into a beautiful blushing bride, which was so much fun! then we had the wedding! sorry, i dont have any pics.....JUST KIDDING!
i had to have so much help with the cake. my dad was about the only one strong enough to roll out the amount of fondant that was needed to cover the bottom layer. way to work it pops! while cutting the cakes, larissa was injured, injured bad... her poor thumb got sliced.
the wedding!

our little family isnt so little anymore!

the reception

it was a beautiful weekend! we had a super fun game night last night with the whole crew. rikki left this morning and the happy couple is already on their way to washington d.c.

4 browne weddings down... one to go!


Kersey and Preston said...! What a lovely bride and such a lucky groom! Everything looks fantastic! Thanks for posting pictures. I wish I could have been there! Congrats Layna and way to go Tony!!!

Thompson Family said...

I waited till you posted (ha) didn't want to steal the thunder- besides you have all the pictures I have anyway. It was great fun being with your family and I must say Lisa- you have a beautiful smile (all the time).

Smith Family said...

So sorry we couldn't make it. I was with Riley & Austin in Provo getting Austin settled at BYU and buying all the necessities for Riley's mission suits, shoes and the like.

It looks like it was a great day! Everything was beautiful. Melanie

Dani Dooley said...

I love the dress! Where did she get it? And the cake is Beautiful--way to ruin it Alli. (It's a good thing she is so dang cute!)

tonyanddelayna said...

Thank you so much lisi for everything! I love you!