Tuesday, August 25

drumroll please

and the winner is..............
it took us 34 minutes to fly from orlando to ft. myers.
your prize will be mailed (hopefully) sometime this week! i say hopefully because we are busy getting ready for this friday's WEDDING!
p.s. we had to disqualify a guess because i smelt a rat! thats right, we had some CHEATERS... YES YOU rikki and lisa!!!! dont try to deny it!!!


Thompson Family said...

hmmm.... guess I was off my a few hours. No trick after all :)

Kathleen said...

WooHoo!!!! Do I give my acceptance speech now or later? lol. I had looked into getting plane tickets to come out for the weekend to go to Delayna's wedding and Keith said "Let's think about it". The next day the tickets were $100 more and he said "No". I knew I should have bought one right when I saw it!! Tell Delayna I really wish I could be there and CONGRATULATIONS for me please!

Lisa said...

WHAT!?! I was really looking forward to a prize from Lisa! Now...what do I have to look forward to?? A big nothing! We both know Rikki cheats but ME?!