Friday, August 7

we have an announcement!

did that get your attention? alright.
our news is that thin mint blizzards are at DQ this month! wahoo!
i bet you were all thinking i had something major or exciting or even important to announce... HA!
well my birthday was on monday and chris had a wonderful day planned for me. i started out the day with fresh flowers and a card that said, "yada yada yada enjoy a day without the kids yada yada yada love, chris" i dont remember anything else but the no kids part....hmm...anyways. i love that guy. so after pancakes and eggs we dropped off our dumplings at grandma's and hit the road!
our first stop was at waterside shoppes in naples. one of my favorite stores EVER is anthropologie. but because its so dang expensive, i havent EVER purchased anything from there. well, until monday that is! i picked out a couple of shirts that are so lovely, they look like they are straight from some distant dreamland. serious.
then we headed to lunch at the cheesecake factory :)

have i ever mentioned how good their GODIVA CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE is??? WOW!

and, because it was MY birthday, i got to tell chris how to pose and take pictures while we were waiting for our grub. this is his GQ look. it could quite possibly rival the cheesecake for the title of most delicious :)
we then went to go see harry potter again. yes i know what you are saying to yourself, "she's 24 now and shouldnt be living in some fairytale land, grow up!" and i just respond by saying (in my head of course), "you poor muggle"

then we had the most scrumptious cake ever made by larissa and unfortunately, our pictures werent very good. but you can get the recipe from its called the italian cream cake. its a lot of steps (so i hear) but oh so worth it!

thanks everyone for your birthday wishes, it was a wonderful day!


Rikki Browne said...

I had one of those blizzards last night! Great minds think alike! But I added brownies to mine...yum : ) I miss you, Lis. I wish I could've been there to help you celebrate your day of birth. It looks like you had tons of fun (way to go, chris). I made sure everyone I came in contact with that day knew it was your birthday. I love you!

Kayla said...

happy bithday lisa!! i need to make you a bday gift but i have been pretty busy and then there is the reunion! can't wait to see you in a few days!!!!

amyoungpriddis said...

Happy Birthday! That blizzard looks YUMMY! I think we might head over to Dairy Queen for dessert tonight. :) My friend gave me a recipe to make homemade Thin Mint/Grasshopper cookies...if you want the recipe let me know. They are DELICIOUS!

Smith Family said...

Happy, happy birthday, Lisa! You are just turning 24. How is it that I'm almost 44 (I turned 43 this year). I don't want to be 'old'. I want to be young like you!!!

Keep including me in your wonderful world of fun. It helps to keep me young at heart. Melanie