Thursday, October 9

fun at the park

chris took the kids to jack's favorite place on dry land last saturday morning while i was at a baby shower. its a dragon park that is located at the coconut point mall. its all enclosed and covered. jack did come home with a few bruises which means he had an outstanding time!ellie likes it too...mostly because everett is usually there to play with her. they are so sweet together!

while at the baby shower we played a game where a present was passed around with many different layers of wrapping paper. each person would unwrap a layer and there was a note revealed giving the person some instruction. sometimes it was something nice like have some candy and pass to the next person. but sometimes it would give you a challenge. well, as luck would have it, i had a challenge where i had to race against sister clawson. this wasnt an ordinary race. we had to see who could drink the most orange juice from a baby bottle in one minute. im sure it was highly entertaining for all who was there! sister clawson was a good sport, that was the only reason why i went along with it.

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