Thursday, October 23

4 years....wowwie!

yesterday, the 22nd, chris and i celebrated our fourth anniversary. bo asked if it feels like its only been four days or four days under water. i can't believe it's gone by that fast. it seems like just yesterday i was looking out my window, waiting for chris to come pick me up for our first date to go ice skating.....memories. just kidding. so yesterday we did normal anniversary stuff like go to costco to buy diapers, go geocaching, oh yeah we went out to dinner. mom and dad gave us a gift card to a new restaurant here called stir crazy. its "fresh" chinese cuisine. we enjoyed it immensely, but that could just be because the kids were with grandma :) then around 7:30 we did what everyone dreams of doing on their anniversary. we went to bass pro shop to meet George Poveromo. this is jack's biggest hero. he is a fisherman who has a show on espn. we dont have cable, so jack watches his dvd's and loves fish like wahoo, grouper, and big-eye tuna because of this man. when we first saw george at bass pro, he was in the middle of teaching a seminar and jack kept whispering "sheeorge" "sheeorge" and pointing at him. we were surprised that he actually put it all together! well, george took a pick with him, signed his dvd cover and got our address so he could send us all shirts. it was really fun and we hope jack will enjoy it for a long time. it really was a great day!

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