Friday, December 12

don't touch the elf!

charlie touched our elf.
they say if you touch your elf that it will lose its magic.
not true.

this is what happens...

charlie touched skippy, who was hanging from a garland, and he fell. it was about a 5 foot drop. chris picked him up and set him on the mantle. the following morning, all that was there was his hat and a note that told us he had been taken to the hospital and would need some time to recover, but he'd be back. and come back he did... with casts and bandages 4 days later. poor, poor skippy. he's unable to move and probably won't until christmas is over... ;)


carrie said...

Bahahahaha!!! (cry/laugh emoji). Is that mean that I'm laughing???? I just laugh because I'd probably do something similar :) But I do hope skippy gets feeling better soon. And it's a good thing he didn't lose his magic!

Chelsey Wilson said...

You have such a sweet and beautiful family! I love seeing your pics! I do have a quick question for you if you happen to see this. I remember at the Pioneer time out for women at the reunion you mentioned a book or series of books you loved and recommended? I think it was you. I was wondering if you could tell me what that is! I'm looking for a good family book to send my sister Kristin and her fam for Christmas. Thanks! Chelsey