Wednesday, April 7

easter weekend

this easter seemed to mean a lot more to me than usual. as cheesy as this sounds, i learned a lot about the resurrection while studying for a sharing time lesson of all things. but i am grateful for the things i learned and the closeness i felt to the savior this holiday season. it was extra special being able to enjoy conference over the weekend as well. (not to mention we had PERFECT weather too... i love florida!)

we've got oodles of pictures from this weekend so im just going to let you fill in the blanks! we had a wonderful holiday and i hope you all did too!

ward easter breakfast and egg hunt:

car wash:

jack wash:

easter morning:
jack woke us up by running into our room shouting "they ate our carrots, they ate our carrots!" and we said "who ate our carrots?" "the easter rabbits!". i guess jack has already figured out there are multiple bunnies hopping around :)
they both received sunglasses, a movie, a tube o' chapstick, and box of band-aids. interesting combo, but they sure enjoyed it!

these ducks were in our backyard while we ate breakfast... we've never had ducks in our yard so it was ironic they decided to join us on easter!

egg hunt at gma and gpa's house:
i assure you that everett's distress was very short lived!

fire truck races:
what's a fire truck race you ask? watch and find out...


matchgirl said...

oh, that's adorable! She reminded me of you when you were little when she was smiling at the camera.

Kristen said...

fun! i don't recognize any of the kids in the pictures (other than yours and everett.) makes me kind of sad! let's plan to get together sometime. i just love hanging out with you!

Thompson Family said...

looks egg delicious and wondering how your hardwood floor is holding up with the fire trucks (ha)

Larissa said...

of all things to notice in the pictures I noticed that your lawn looks amazingly green! wish you could send some of that my way!
thanks for making our easter extra sweet- especially with those "nutty" cupcakes