Monday, April 12

chomp sticks

we ate at a restaurant in naples called pei wei a couple months ago. jack thought the chopsticks were "so awesome and neat" so we just happened to take a few extra sets home with us for the little people to use. surprisingly, ellie enjoys them also.

jack hasnt been the best eater at dinner time lately, but if we bust out the sticks, he's good to go, especially when mahi mahi is involved! he calls them chomp sticks. no matter how hard he tries, he cant say chop sticks. we have a very entertaining video of him saying it, but for some reason blogger wont let me upload it. oh well, you'll just have to imagine it i suppose.


Thompson Family said...

I like the resturant you mentioned and chomp sticks sounds better anyway :)

Rikki Browne said...

What a big boy! I miss you Jack!