Monday, July 2

thirty two!

chris had a birthday,
shout hurray!

we had a great time celebrating, thanks to grandma linda, who watched the kids so we could take off for a little getaway.

we headed up to tampa last thursday and hit up a rays game-
so fun!
the hotel we stayed at in downtown tampa-
so scary!
i wouldn't recommend getting a cheap hotel in tampa.
we thought we'd go cheap on the hotel and then go to a super nice restaurant in tampa (bern's steakhouse, anyone?) the following evening.

the next morning, bright and early, we headed to orlando and planned to spend the day at the temple and then swing by that super fancy restaurant in tampa on our way back.
that was the plan.
until we got there and realized the temple is closed due to maintenance.
chris was able to laugh it off, but i couldn't hold back my tears. its been so long since we've been able to attend together. we were looking forward to it.

we decided there wasn't anything else we wanted to do in orlando, so we headed home early, went to a movie, and then relieved grandma of her grandma duties.

it was really great to spend adult time together. we don't make time for that as much as we should. i doubt anyone does. but we had a lot of fun laughing at the concession guys at the game, singing to the music on our drive, trying to ignore the creepers at our hotel, and just being silly. it was a great trip!

happy birthday, chris!

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Carolina said...

Tampa is surprisingly junky- right?! I was pretty shocked. Anyway, I'm so jealous that you got to go to a game! Looks like so much (yummy!) fun. Happy birthday Chris!