Thursday, June 21


i love love love the rain.
and I'm so glad that this little miss loves it too.
i had laid down for a catnap this afternoon, when the rain started. i immediately jumped up, grabbed my camera and said, "lets go play!"

each car that passed us waved and laughed with smiles. some even stopped to watch while ellie giggled so hard, with her head tossed back and droplets falling on her face. she said to me while we were having a puddle splashing contest, "this is my very favorite mom! i love dancing and jumping and running in the rain!!!"

jack wasn't as adventurous

 jack took the next few for me so i won't forget that i played too

 best half hour of my life.


Steve and Donna said...

you guys are too funny and cute :)

Ryan and Lindsay said...

You are such a good mom! What an example you are to me. I hope that one day I can dance and play in the rain with my Ellie, too :)

Carolina said...

Cute! We were at the pool when it started raining, and I made the kids get out and go home! And we were already wet! You are a good, good mommy. Live jack's pictures at the end.

Kandie said...

So FUN!! I love your energy and zest for life. :)

Amber said...

we heart rain too (guess you have to if you move from England to Seattle!). your jack may have a future career in photography! those shots are better than most of mine!

Melica and Aaron said...

You really are such a good mom. So spontaneous and fun! I always think you do such cool things with your kids. Thanks for the good example!