Tuesday, June 5

preschool grad

our jack is a preschool graduate!

the school put on quite a celebration with songs last friday.
it was at estero high school and jack felt like a pretty cool dude, inviting everyone and anyone to attend.
thanks family for supporting jack!

 jack's teachers this past year:
mrs. luisa

 miss dara

 and mr. matt,
who worked a lot with jack.
he was a bit more advanced then the other kids, so mr. matt worked one on one with jack and his math/reading skills.
(and yes, that is jack's good buddy, ava)

jack's third from the right

this had everyone laughing. 
good thing we caught it on video

we watched the kentucky derby a couple weeks ago and i guess he enjoyed it more than we realized!
 jack, you better stop growing if you really want to be a jockey.
afterwards, he told me the real reason why he wants to be a jockey is to find out "for real" how fast a horse can run. pretty good reason, if you ask me!


Amy said...

Congrats Jack!

At Lauren's Kindergarten program last year one girl said she wanted to be a bartender. NICE!

Steve and Donna said...

Jack the Jockey- has a ring to it :)