Monday, June 18


rik had another birthday last tuesday!
we had a very nice, low-key get together to honor the birthday girl, complete with low-key fireworks on her all time favorite- a stack of homemade mint oreos.

what she didn't know was we (larissa, alli, mom, and i) had a BIG SURPRISE in store for her!

we kidnapped her thursday after work and whisked her off to
the wizarding world of harry potter!
which is every 30 year olds dream, right?!
she was so surprised and excited to find out our plan, and even more excited that lari had got her the next day off of work, that she was in tears of happiness!

i havent laughed this hard in a long, long time. it felt good. we didn't take too many pictures because, well, truth be told, we were having too much fun.

livin' it up at the hotel with a luxurious robe 
(that alli spilled our room service desserts on :)

 a creeper in the hotel hallway

we were as excited as Buckbeak around a dead ferret... probably even more

this is Dr. Doom.
i had to get this picture for jack and waited in line with all the 5 year old boys :)
rikki, alli, and larissa went on dr. doom's fear fall three times. 
mom and i sat that one out, three times. 
i realized that I'm not as crazy about those types of rides as i used to be.
but the coasters were better than ever!

what would a trip to HP World be without a few of these bad boys?!

 i had to include this pic because it made me laugh SO HARD.

we had the best trip! we rode on almost every ride, some of them multiple times, and even managed to bring home a couple pigmy puffs for the kids. i love my sisters and mama so much and will remember this trip for ever and ever. it was fantastic to let rik know how much we love her with a little get-away. and of course, we wouldn't have been able to do it without chris, jacob, bo and dad taking a day off work and spending the day with the kids. they really are the best! it certainly made us happy to celebrate them yesterday for fathers day!


Larissa said...

I want more butterbeer! Can we go again soon? And thanks for including that awesome tiger shot- I laughed too, you are the best! Your playlist made the trip perfect, I can't get "little bit, little bit, lo lo lo lo love wit you" out of my head! :) I sure loved every minute with you crazy ladies!!

Kandie said...

You guys really know how to PARTY!! I love it!! You are all very lucky to have each other. I'm sure your mom is loving having all you fun girls around. Poor Delayna to miss out on all the fun.

Steve and Donna said...

I love these type of surprises too- that was fun for you girls and those men folks of yours- just got some extra points :)

Melissa said...

That is awesome! Looks like you had a blast!

Melica and Aaron said...

What a fun trip! How nice for the girls to be able to all get away together! Good for you!

Kersey Campbell said...

Bah!! When I turn 30 can we "surprise" me with the same exact thing? Pretty please?

Aprihl said...

Oh wow. What a bunch of party animals. That looks like way too much fun for ladies 30 and over. :)

Laine said...

FUN!!!! I love y'all!