Thursday, June 7


while chris is at work, he has no idea what is really going on at home.
somedays are filled with swimming and coloring, while others can be a bit more exciting.
today, for example, we trained to be spies.

 we had to silently slip through a maze of lasers.
i say silently because, well, spies need stealth.
(i.e.- charlie was sleeping)
and i say we because i had to complete the course as well.
(i.e.- i left something in my room and had to stumble through to the other side)

ellie screeched, 
"OH NO! i got a laser in my hair! jack its your fault!"

mission: complete

 on days when chris isn't at work and we aren't training to be spies, 
i have found a new hobby. 
it helps to have a brother and a sister who own a kayak business :)

if you are interested in renting kayaks for an eco tour or a fishing extravaganza, 
check out 
Bonita Kayak Company

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carrie said...

FUN!!!! I'm excited for Jackson to grow up so I can do things like this with him. I'm just going to look back at your blog for ideas :) And I soooo want to go kayaking!