Monday, July 30


jack's teeth are falling out left and right!
i dont know of many other 5 year olds that have lost 6 teeth. 
not that i know alot of 5 year olds, but, still!
last week he was only missing the bottom two on either side of his middle two, but his top two have been wiggly for an awfully long time. on our weekly (yes, weekly) trip to costco he tried to pull it out and then asked chris to help him when we got to the parking lot. luckily i had my phone to record it. he ended up pulling it out in costco.

then after church yesterday, he decided the other was loose enough and was determined to have ANOTHER visit from the tooth fairy. so, he went to work twisting and yanking with fingers and pliers. so gross! he even attempted to tie a string around it, to no avail. then, after feeling very frustrated, who did he turn to? ME. SO GROSS! but, after he grabbed my hand real tight, i gave it a good twist and out it came!

this kid is giving the tooth fairy a run for her money.

does any one else have nightmares where all of their teeth start crumbling and fall out, or is it just me?! absolutely hate those dreams and have to check that they are all there in the morning. my mom says it stress, but im not usually stressed when i have them... any other ideas??? it's terrible. and right now, it's like jack is living my nightmare, except he seems to be enjoying it.

and because almost every post is ended with pictures of cute little charlie, here are a few more to make you smile. go ahead. 
you know you love him!
and yes, he is as kissable and scrumptious as he looks!


Kandie said...

Holy smokes Jack! You are a rock star tooth loser!! That is seriously impressive. I hate when the kids start losing teeth. It kind of grosses me out a TON!! It makes my tummy queasy. So wow that you could pull his out. I did that once and will never do it again. YUCK! I wish I could squeeze little Charlie. He is so cute!

Melissa said...

Send Jack over to my house. I have to sit on my kids if I want to pull one of their teeth! The tooth fairy is probably all worn out with all the work she has had to do!