Saturday, August 4

scenes from a birthday

im getting older.
and probably not much wiser.

here are a few phone shots of my 27th celebration yesterday.

a guy at iguana mia told me i looked like a movie star... although he couldnt remember which one, ha! i had to take advantage and get my free birthday dinner there. to me, there is nothing better than greasy, non-authentic, cheesy mexican food with an ice cold 
root beer. nothing.

a couple weeks ago, chris let me go to saks and buy some grown-up makeup.
(aka not cover girl or anything else i randomly grab while running through target) 
i really, really love it.
bobbi brown is truly a genius when it comes to lightweight, natural makeup.

i realized that i must be old since all i wanted yesterday was a nap and a clean house. but thats a good thing.

 speaking of birthdays...

rikki, mom, and i went out for ice cream in honor of harry potter's birthday on july 31st. 
yes, we are that ridiculous amazing!


Katie said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday. And it makes me so happy that you went to Iguana Mia. LOVE that place and you can't beat a free meal on your birthday!!

Carolina said...

Happy birthday!!! I'm sad I missed your 27th. :-( however, yay for new make up!! It makes you feel like a big girl, haha. See you soon!!!

Kersey Campbell said...

Happy, happy birthday!! I can't imagine how you could possibly get even MORE gorgeous with "real" makeup. So sad I missed out on the festivities, sounds like it was a great birthday :)

Kandie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I would love a nap and a clean house. That's a fabulous present.

Bloom Family said...

ok, so, what? you had a birthday! Don't you know you're supposed to email me and say "just fyi, it's my birthday tomorrow, so don't forget and also when are you going to take me out for frozen yogurt to celebrate?" Happy Birthday!!! We'll have to get this frozen yogurt trip in at least in your birthday month! I need new makeup terribly! It looks like you got some great products!