Wednesday, August 8

kindergarten? when did that happen!?

jack and ellie started school this week. 
ellie started preschool on monday and jack started kindergarten on tuesday. 

this is jack's first day:

 jack and his teacher, ms. cabral

ellie's first day:

after we picked jack up from school (which was an adventure in and of itself!),
we had a first day of school party!!!
you know me, i'll use any excuse for a shin-dig.

this whole, going to school ALL day thing is going to take some getting used to i think. jack just had so much energy that he needed to get out. and it did. it all erupted at the same time, dinner time. i am really excited for him though. there were no tears yesterday after dropping him off, only excitement. he is so ready to try new things and always wanting to meet new people. he always tries to be friends with everyone and help others out, even teachers. this is going to be good for him. 

i thought i would take some pictures of what was SUPPOSED to be our fun "wear your jammies, eat dessert, and watch a new show cause you guys are awesome!" party, but ended up being more of a "stop fighting, being frustrated, ignoring mom and dad, and tooting at the dinner table!" kind of party. the only one with a constant smile was charlie.  

 this is a terrible picture, but i love all three silhouettes... 
and the fact that there isnt a frown to be seen.


Kandie said...

What?!?! They started school already.....the summers just aren't as long as they used to be. I seriously can't believe he is in Kindy already. We have a back to school party every year too. The kids love it. You'll have to get me your yummy cookie recipe. It looks so very yummy.

Larissa said...

I miss Jack and I'm not even his mom, I drove by your house and thought-- how sad, Jack isn't there. But I know he's not sad, I know he is having a great time! Thanks for reminding me to try a skookie soon!

Melissa said...

I'm so excited for Jack! It's kind of hard to get used to the quiet(er) house though. What a great idea to have a back to school party.

Carolina said...

It is quite impossible that Jack is already of kindergarten age!! Holy cow! I hope he and Ellie have a fabulous year!!

Bloom Family said...

aw, what a fun mom you are to have a celebration party!