Monday, August 27

hurricane shmurricane!

hurricane isaac ended up being not much of a hurricane (for us), but we lived it up anyways!
we made sure our 72 hour kits and all of our h2o supplies were up to date on saturday. we also picked up a new game and some treats. in our family growing up, hurricanes were always the perfect excuse for treats.
my dad is out of town on a cross country motorcycle trip with his brother, so my mamma stayed the night with us and she and i had a grand time watching the hunger games after the others were in bed. what better way to kick off hurricane season than watching kids hunt kids?!

we didnt lose power and that made the kids sad. so we turned off the lights and played games by lamplight.

and snuggled in blankets

and between rain showers we caught tadpoles.

we are still waiting to see if the storm surge floods grandma and grandpa's house. they were ok today, but the worst of it will happen at tomorrow afternoons high tide, so we have our fingers crossed.
the kids sure enjoyed playing in their cul-de-sac this afternoon.

we are feeling grateful that this storms path didnt cross ours. let's hope thats the case through out the rest of the season this year.


Carolina said...

I thought the 'surge' was being over dramatized by the news- so I was shocked to see those pictures! Hope everybody enjoyed their day home from school!

carrie said...

I always keep you guys in my prayers this time of year. Love you guys, and stay safe! Hope tomorrow goes ok with the tides.

Kandie said...

WOW! That is totally crazy!! I'm glad you could have some fun amongst the stress of the storm.

Bloom Family said...

so, I didn't think anything really happened here, so like Caro I was so surprised to see the pics at your mom's. I'm glad that it wasn't worse for them! It does look like the kids took full advantage of enjoying the water in the street though. that looks like fun. we also cooked a peach cobbler Monday night in our dutch oven on the lanai since we didn't get to use any of our prepared things. :)