Wednesday, July 7

HE said SHE said

during snacks this morning i decided to be a reporter and interview the kids.
i promise i didnt change or make up any of these answers- even ellie's. i just listened for anything that was an actual word and wrote it down.

whats your favorite food?
jack: steak and grapefruit
ellie: grapefruit

whats your favorite color?
j: purple
e: yellow

whats your favorite thing to do?
j: go on the boat with daddy and grandpa
e: eat grapefruit

favorite movie:
j: madagascar
e: madagascar and thomas and incredibles

favorite thing to wear?
j: pants and short shorts and long sleeved shirt
e: thomas underwear

your least favorite thing to do?
j: not going on the boat
e: go potty
(can you tell we have been attempting to potty train?)

favorite animal?
j: i like the rhinoceros the best
e: animals...NO!.. snakes and kitties

favorite word to say?
j: fish
e: oooooooo ah oooooo ah
(jack said, "oh, that IS a fun word to say!")

Favorite thing to dream about?
j: rhinos and fishies and big giraffes and fish
e: apples

if you could be a dinosaur, what would you be?
j: i would rather be a lamb
fine, i would be a t-rex
e: triceratops

once i mentioned dinosaurs they were off pretending to be one. luckily i had the camera handy. and now jack is watching cooking with julia child. what funny kids they are. i really liked these pics of the two rascals.


Larissa said...

that is quite a keepsake~ you are such a creative mom!

Thompson Family said...


Carolina said...


Larissa said...

Jack would be a lamb. hmmmm. Well I'm sure it would have horns.
Sincerely, Uncle Bo

Kandie and Steve said...

Oh man that was funny!! Yes you are creative, and your kids are great. Thanks for the laugh.

Carrie said...

Awe...that's so fun! And such a good idea! I'll have to try to remember that one years down the road! They'll have fun laughing about that when they're older!