Tuesday, July 6


we feel extremely fortunate to be able to celebrate a day honoring our country and our many freedoms. we love our country!

we had a ward bbq on the 3rd, like usual, along with a big firework show put on by a local outlet mall. and it was a wet one this year. but i would much prefer to be wet from rain rather than sweat!
the primary was in charge of the activities while we waited for the fireworks. there was a fun cupcake walk (with no pics), a waterballoon toss, and a pie eating contest.
so without further ado...

patiently waiting for the waterballoon toss
it took me a couple hours to fill up 200 hundred waterballoons that afternoon and i had to keep reminding ellie to be very very careful not to pop any of them. well, when the first few balloons were tossed at the party, ellie was so confused and worried she started to cry. it took a little while for her to figure out she could now throw them and pop them. of course, by the time she figured it out, all the balloons were popped!

the young men and women were kind enough to help by wearing scrub bottoms and trying to see how many balloons they could catch in their pants. its much more entertaining that way :)

ellie learned the art of puddle-jumping by a master
jack and ellie love their friend bryce (or bryce-rice as jack calls him)

and here are pictures from the pie-eating contest...in the rain nonetheless. the kids had so much fun and it really wasnt a pain to clean up afterwards like i was expecting, bonus!
get it jack, get it!
he got it!

our friends:
and tom

ellie loved to show daddy the 'pitty' fireworks

a little bonding time with Obispo

jack was very quickly banned from sparklers for trying to poke other kids with them... what a kid!
what a nice way to celebrate independence day!


Thompson Family said...

looks fun and yummy at the same time! :)

Kandie and Steve said...

I love it!! We had a fun time and the kids had a blast. The pie eating contest was all Sydney could talk about that day. Bryce's little feet were little prunes by the end of the night. I guess that's what you get with wet feet for an entire evening. I actually had no clue he got that wet. Poor child. But it looks like he had fun. Cute pics.

Katie said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Way to go, Lisa! Wish we could have been there for the festivities, but we had a little party ourselves up here in the rockin' town of Jacobus. I'm sure Melica will be talking about it for months!! So when are you coming to visit?

britt said...

fun fun! so cute!