Monday, July 19


im not gonna hide it...

we are reading the hunger games series for our book club. i had heard a little about them, but they were not what i was expecting..... in a good way. I COULD NOT PUT THEM DOWN! i should probably be embarrassed of the fact that i stayed up until 3:30 in the morning reading the second book, but im not. or the fact that i read the first two books in less then 3 consecutive days, but im not. i dont know if i can wait till next week to discuss it at book club, i liked it that much! i am very excited for book 3 to come out next month. and i highly recommend these books if you want a clean and intriguing adventure to take your mind off of your normal routine. after all, that is why i am in a book club :)

now if only i could convince chris that he should make time for a "young adult" novel...

this is totally off the subject of books and intriguing adventures:
tonight for dinner we had subs from publix (yummy) and while jack was eating a bite of chris' with salami he said
"this salami tastes just like the man at the store!"
and i said, "what man were you eating at the store jack?"
"the man at publix, he tasted just like this salami!"
and chris, being the wise parent in our household said, "jack we do NOT eat people"
jack giggled.
after a little while jack said, "mom, i made that up"
thanks for clarifying you silly boy

(this is the sweetest picture of BOTH my silly boys - naples zoo july 2008)


Carolina said...

That story was hilarious!!

Rikki Browne said...

Mom and I got a pretty good laugh with that one. Thanks for sharing!! Tell Jack he tastes just like a War Head to me : )

Kate said...

I love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE! the Hunger Games books. So you're not alone. Don't be ashamed!

I also love the Jack story nearly as much. I wonder what would happen if we ever get him and Carter together. I'm sure it would be sheer madness!

Kayla said...

the hunger games are sooo good! my mom read them and she is going to try to convince my dad to read them. so if my dad reads them then chris will have to read them! =D if you really need to discuss them you can discuss them with me and my mom. =D

Kiirstin said...

HOLY CRAP Lisa. I lOVE those books too! I read both of them in 4 days so don't be bashful about your mad skills. I'm SOOOOOO excited for book 3!!!

Larissa said...

bwaaah ha ha ha

you can't fool me with that story, I know you guys eat bugs at your house-

Kathleen said...

I LOVE those books. Seriously on pins and needles waiting for the next one to come out. And Publix Subs!!! Oh, just typing that makes my mouth water.

amyoungpriddis said...

I too am in LOVE with those books!!!! I can't wait for #3. Tell Chris that Nate read them and he liked them...maybe that will convince him to read them. :)