Tuesday, April 21


what a WHIRLWIND week and a half the brower's have had! i will document it all in picture form!

first, chris finished remodeling our guest bathroom and did a FaBuLoUs job! my husband the carpenter-



then we celebrated EASTER with a huge breakfast and egg hunt at the church

i couldnt find jack's basket so....

during the excitment jack fell and scratched his forehead. nice.


this was at our hotel. it was so nice. it was a family suite. it was two rooms (both with king size beds), two bathrooms and a kitchen. it also had two living areas with sleeper sofas. it was fun to be with the kids and all the girls the night before the big day!


i was lucky enough to do alli's hair and make-up. that was a lot of fun. i was also allowed to go into the bridal room with alli and my mom. that was very special to me.

jacob is the youngest of five. his oldest sister Dani and her husband were able to come for the wedding. dani is an AMAZING seamstress and she made alli's wedding dress! alli didnt try on her dress untill 11:00 the night before the wedding, and incredibly no alterations were needed! all i can say is "WOW!"

Dani and her husband Dave stayed at our house untill Sunday morning. they were such a sweet couple and im glad that we were able to get to know them. alli is very lucky to be a part of the Call family!

we put up 3 of these light "canopies" through out the yard...im not looking forward to taking them down! it was absolutely gorgeous!

i Mi marido guapo !

the strawberries were as big as apples, and they tasted great too!

we ended the week with a talk given by me in sacrament meeting and chris giving a lesson in a spanish ward conference young men's meeting! we are glad this week is over, but at the same time, we are sad to have everyone gone as quickly as they came!

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