Thursday, December 9

sheesh, its about time!

after waiting for a while to sell our car (which totally paid off), we finally made the decision to get a honda odyssey. and we really, really like it. ellie loves it because its red and jack loves it because its red, which, naturally means its fast. jack is also ecstatic about having his own "coolers" in the back. thats what he calls his air vent.

it's called dark cherry pearl. but i like to call it "the cherry pearl" like "the black pearl" from Pirates of the Caribbean. not because i feel like a pirate when im driving it (that would just be weird) or like ive struck gold. but mostly because i'll use any excuse to picture johnny depp. (dont tell chris i said that)

we've only had it for a day, but im sure we will be especially glad that we have it in two and a half weeks when "mr. sir" arrives. whats up with all the nicknames you ask.... i dont know. but i do know that mr. sir already runs the show around here.


Larissa said...

sure do like the van, and the color!
did you know we call the elantra
the black pearl?

Melica and Aaron said...

Yay for your new car! It is beautiful and I think you will still love it in four years, because I still love mine!

Steve and Donna said...

ok- I won't tell about your secret crush with Johhny.

Kandie and Steve said...

NICE!! I'm totally jealous. I can't wait to see your little man. You're next.

Kate said...

We have an Odyssey and I have no qualms about telling anyone who will listen that I would marry it if I could. I love it that much. Congrats and welcome to the club!

Can't wait to see pictures of Mr. Sir.

Laine said...

Sweet ride. Merry Christmas to you, and hurry up Mr. Sir!