Sunday, April 15

doughboys = yumminess

last week we received a gift from uncle reed, our favorite cathy (as ellie calls aunt cathy), kayla, cade, and daniel. it was a set of doughboy sticks! we had no clue what doughboys were, but knowing reed and cathy, we were sure they were going to be awesome. 
and they are! we have been converted to the doughboy ways!

the basic idea for a doughboy is cooking some dough, like a biscuit, over a fire and making a little bowl to fill with all sorts of wonderful concoctions.

we each made a taco style doughboy for dinner, filled with meat, cheese, salsa, and a creamy lime-cilantro dressing. scrumdilliumptious!

then for dessert: a yummy nutella-whipped cream and strawberry filling. 
these were so tasty and very, very fun to make. the kids loved 'em. i definitely see this being a favorite summertime dinner/activity.
thanks loertscher family!!!

also, congratulations to larissa for winning our 300th post quiz question!!!
the answer was white wedding by billy idol.
(which i now hate, btw)
you can contact me via e-mail to collect your prize.
just kidding!
i'll be in touch, my friend.

and a few easter pics thrown in for good measure

 not only did the kids have "the best easter we never had!" as ellie proclaimed, but they also got to go out for ice cream for FHE the next night, thanks to the best grandpa and grandma brower in the whole world! these kids even received a cherry on top of their cones. thanks granny and grandpa!!!

we tried really hard to teach the kids about why we have easter and for the first time, i think they were able to pick up on it. its fun to see them enjoying these special holidays, but its even more enjoyable watching them come to understand who our Savior is and why we celebrate Him.


Carolina said...

Charlie is so photogenic! All of your kids are! I must say h love the one if him in his high chair though. So hilarious.

carrie said...

Cute kids!!! Looks like fun!

Aprihl said...

Charlie just makes me laugh. :)