Wednesday, January 9

christmas christmas and more christmas

i think we could appropriately name this year
The Year of the Bow
... and camo. lots of camo was received.

the kids got christmas jammies from grandma & grandpa brower and to say they love them is an understatement. charlie L.O.V.E.S his angry birds and ellie wears her owl pj's every single night (without a shirt, silly girl).

i got knives!
sharp, sharp, sharp knives!
dont be surprised if my next post is about a trip to the ER because i sliced off my finger.
chris and i have had a good time slicing everything from chicken, to rosemary, to even paper, just to see how awesome they are.

jack has become pretty darn good with his bow.
he is pretty coordinated, so its worked out well for him.
ellie on the other hand, likes to try to shoot the target while pretending to be on horse back (like merida from Brave), galloping at full speed. she needs a little more practice before she will be able to shoot any fish though. thats her goal.

grandma decided to play her famous Christmas Game with the kids this year for the first time. boy were they excited!

and then the adults got their turn. boy, were they excited! 
it was well worth the wait, as always. 
grandma really knows how to have a good time!

after the games, we feasted and feasted and feasted.
chris made prime rib again and it was a grand success.

every year it seems as though christmas gets better and better and this year was no exception. we are so blessed to have love from family, a great job to provide for us, and good health. we are so very grateful to a loving Heavenly Father to provide us with so much in this life.


Larissa said...

oh it was a feast for the eyes and the belly!!! So glad we got to have Christmas with you!

Steve and Donna said...

fun- was wondering when you would post :)