Wednesday, June 26

ART camp!

even though we love love LOVE summertime, sometimes having the kids home all day long drives me crazy. they get bored, then the fighting starts, and then i get crabby. its not very pretty or fun. i really wish i was one of those amazing moms that truly appreciates every second they are with their children, but im not. i try.... maybe someday i will be. 

SO, last week jack and ellie spent their mornings at
ART CAMP! and they absolutely loved it.

jack was in a clay animation class and they made a movie called Monster Miracle. if i can figure out how, i'd love to put it on the blog because it is awesome!
i just happened to come in once while they were filming a part of the movie

 on the last day of ellie's class, they invited the families to come have a picnic. 

it was great fun seeing jack and ellie in a completely artistic environment. they both seem drawn to it and im glad they had the chance to go last week. and not just because i needed a little space :) they want to go back again, so maybe we will sign them up for a week in july. if anyone local is interested, it is at the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs on old 41.


Carolina said...

Looks like so much fun! So...uh... can you keep finding great things for my kids to do? Thanks.

carrie said...

I love your BANGS and BLONDE hair!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to get my bangs cut like that a while back, it was no bueno. But you rock it! That art class looks like way too much fun for those kids! And if anyone ever tells you they absolutely love every single second with their kids....they're liars :) Glad you guys are having a great summer!