Saturday, May 10

geocaching in Ozark

because there were no soccer games this morning due to tournaments, we headed to Ozark, AR for some geocaching fun.

we found a series of caches that were super easy for the kids and they had a great time.
each one was hidden on a fire hydrant.

here is charlie finding his very first cache

he was so happy

sometimes you have to jump over streams...

and go into the bushes...

but it's always worth it!

we drove through a super small town called Altus (The Wine Capital of Arkansas!) hoping to find something for lunch. we stopped at Kelt's Pub because it was the only place with more than one car in front of it. when we walked in, the two tables that actually had customers went quiet and stared at us. it didn't take long for us to turn around and walk out.

we found this place in Ozark and it was ok. we certainly enjoyed the banana pudding and caramel pecan pie cheesecake though!

chris smoked this pork shoulder yesterday that was seriously, THE BEST we've ever had, so Rivertowne BBQ just didn't seem up to par.

all the roads were named very matter-of-factly like Gravel Rd, which was exactly that, a gravel road. Cotton Gin Rd with an old cotton Gin building. This one caught my eye, but sadly there was no actual puddin' on Puddin Ridge.

it's been a great saturday.


Rikki Browne said...

Oh my goodness, those shorts make Charlie look 7 or 8!! What lucky kids you have to do so many fun things with their mom and dad.

Carolina said...

haha. Nothing like small town eateries to make a outsider feel welcome! Love the pictures and all of the GREEN! Looks like you guys are having an awesome time!

Carolina said...

PS- Can you PALEEASE convince my husband that geocaching is fun?!?!? He refuses to believe it is so. and my dreams of being a geocaching family are dashed.