Friday, October 17

a birthday party

how is it possible for our little jack to be turning 8 next week??? i remember when he was little, i would see other people with their 8 year old getting baptized and it felt like that stage of my life was so. far. away. because i mean seriously, when your oldest looks like this....

.... you think the only things in your future are diaper changes, feedings and spit-ups. not their baptism and 8th birthday. 

well, life hit fast forward and we are fast approaching that time. so naturally a celebration is in order!
jack wanted to go with his papa and jenna to a razorback football game for his birthday, so call in the hogs they did!

they braved the cold and the rain and thoroughly enjoyed the arkansas/alabama game last weekend.

jack said his favorite things about the game were that jenna bought him cotton candy and that they had a great view.

this was their view... all the way at the top...

afterwards they hit up denny's because it was late and they were out on a special outing without their younger siblings and why not? chris said they had a major case of the giggles while there.

wooooooo pig sooie!
wooooooo pig sooie!
wooooooo pig sooie!

and in other jack news:
he received this on monday

poor girl... he circled no.
he told her friend (the one that delivered the envelope), that he isn't supposed to "like" girls yet. chris told him the only girl he can like right now is his mama. 


carrie said...

Little Jack is getting so big! I remember you writing me about his birth story and sending me pics of the wee little one when I was in Brazil. I knew he was a special boy from the moment I saw that little foot kicking like crazy during sacrament meeting! How is he getting baptized already??? He's such a handsome and good boy! I don't blame Sienna for really liking him!

Larissa said...

Great answer Jack, "no" liking the ladies yet! We are so proud of you and happy for you to turn 8 big guy!