Wednesday, November 19

hello world

on friday, november 7th at 3:07 am
baby Owen Christopher Brower 
joined our crew
at 8lbs 15oz & 21 ½ in

it was a super fast delivery. because it was two weeks before his due date, i didn't think i was really in labor when the contractions started around 1am. but i decided to drive myself to the hospital just to make sure that it was a false alarm. i got there at 2:15 and by 2:25 my water had broke and i sent chris a text saying "my water broke, better get here, its going to be a quick one i think". because bart and janie had made a quick trip to Branson, chris called Katie Smith to come be with the kids. chris got to the hospital about 15 minutes before the baby arrived at 3:07 am. wish we could say the same for the doctor! the nurses ended up delivering him because without the epidural, there was no way i couldn't not push even when they told me not to! chris was the one to tell me that it was a boy, but i was in so much pain i don't really remember. but we sure are happy to have this sweet boy with us.

not exactly sure why chris asked the nurse to take a picture right after, and I'm really not sure why i went along with it, but here it is!

jack, ellie, and charlie absolutely adore this baby.

charlie met him first, while jack and ellie were at school.
he was so sweet and would whisper every time he came into the hospital room. baby owen looks just like baby charlie did.

jack had asked me to make a pumpkin white chocolate cheesecake for his birthday. for various reasons, i didn't get around to it until the night before owen arrived. so jack and owen got to celebrate their birthdays together at the hospital, along with grandma and grandpa who had made it back from branson that evening.

headed home!

owen has been a wonderful little eater and a pretty good sleeper so far. 
as charlie keeps saying to his new brother "we're so glad you're here baby owen!"


Larissa said...

I could eat that little man right up! He is so precious, please send him back with Rikki, okay? We are grateful he is here safe and sound and that you both are doing well. No epidural deserves a shopping spree to J.Crew. :)

Carolina said...

Wow! He and Charlie look so similar!! You guys sure have some adorable newborns. I can't get over his absolute perfect cuteness!!!

Kandie said...

His little cheeks are just so kissable!! He is simply adorable. And WOW!! What a woman you are. I hope your recovery is just as fast as your labor. We are so happy he is here.

Chelsey Wilson said...

Congratulations! You look so gorgeous in these pics! So happy for you!

Steve and Donna said...

Well Lisa you are finally doing my delivery runs ;) I had one with 8 min. to spare, one in the car and our 5th one- the Dr. didn't make it and the nurses had to do it. No drugs with any of them. But he is adorable and you are as pretty as ever! :)

B and T said...

He's perfect! Congratulations! We're really happy for you guys.

The Reeds said...

He is a cutie!! So glad that he is healthy! Hope you are doing well!!

carrie said...

I read this post last week...and I don't know how I stopped somehow at the pictures I had already seen of you all, and didn't see any of when you were going home until just now! That little man is too precious!!! I hope everything is going well!

Melissa said...

He is amazingly adorable! Congratulations!