Tuesday, April 28

spring break: part 3

i feel so behind on blogging, that I'm not going to get into too much detail about the trip home from ohio, i'll just post the pictures. but we made a few stops that were so very fun!

in cincinnati we stopped at Taste of Belgium for the best frites ever (ok, so the only frites we've ever had, but they rocked) and delicious waffles and crepes. we looked a little out of place with our crew of little people, but we had fun and the kids loved it.

next stop louisville kentucky!

the louisville slugger factory was awesome. at the end of the tour they give each person a mini bat and you can take a turn in the batting cages. chris swung a replica of babe ruth's bat and CRACKED it- what a man!

we also visited churchill downs on a very cold morning. but even with freezing temps, this may have been our favorite stop. i think i've said that about all of the places we visited :) we really enjoy watching the kentucky derby, so the kids thought it was pretty cool to see it in person.

our last big stop was nashville. and the main reason we stopped in nashville for a night was... a food truck. not just any food truck, but The Grilled Cheeserie gourmet grilled cheese truck. oh man, it was heaven! hands down, the best sandwiches we've ever had. jack and ellie are still talking about it and i may or may not day dream about it on a daily basis.

the food truck roundup was at a beautiful park and the kids picked flowers while we waited.

my two favorite things in this world, chris and a pimento mac n cheese sandwich. 

we walked around downtown nashville and saw too many boot shops and party buses with drunk girls to count. charlie said he liked the city while jack said he had a bad feeling the whole time we were there and didn't like it.

of course we had to find some bbq while in nashville. this was a little place right on the water that had live music. it was really tiny and again, we were quite out of place. but it was a great experience with the kids.

on the way back to our hotel for the night, chris surprised me with a quick stop at my home away from home...

it felt great to walk through a publix again :)

we bought half a key lime pie and stocked up on some publix root beer, which was buy one get one... seriously love publix.

you never know what you'll see or do on a road trip and thats one reason why i enjoy them so much. we saw this truck in kentucky that made us laugh

yup, thats a baby stroller and a buck in the back.
things can get a little crazy during the long driving stretches though. one afternoon we all had red vines hanging from our noses, which got wet from snot and dyed the kids nostrils and lip red. another time i used pistachio shells to make chris laugh... i think i looked rather british...

we almost needed to make a pitstop to change our pants after that one. all in all, it was probably the best spring break ever with this little family of ours.
i hope the kids remember this road trip for ever and ever.


Larissa said...

Jack's dreams of being a jockey finally materialized! And I love the "british" Lisa as much as the real Lisa!

Steve and Donna said...

you make it look all so fun and I love the creative part!

tonyanddelayna said...

Seriously, you're ready for your visit to Europe now! Just dye your hair a vibrant red and you'll totally fit in!

Rikki Browne said...

Can I come next time?