Thursday, November 5


it's so nice having good friends! we decided to do an overnight babysitting swap with the smith's back in the spring. they watched our crazy crew in june when we went to the third eye blind concert. a few weekends ago we were able to have the girls stay with us while ben and katie went to mt magazine for a relaxing getaway. these kiddos always get along, but for some reason this time it was like all 6 of them were the absolute best of friends! they did everything together, all 6 of them... and if owen could be included, brynn and dani made sure he was :)

we made ghosts for a "haunted forest", tie dyed shirts, made and ate caramel apples, went shooting, watched the new cinderella movie, and stayed up way too late. but probably the very favorite thing that the kids did was play across the street in a little clump of trees. it became their "secret spot" and was used as a spy training center. they spent as much time running around outside as they could. having 7 kids under one roof could not have been any better!

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Steve and Donna said...

I see the caramel apple tradition continues :)