Monday, February 8

not much to report

we haven't been up to anything too exciting around here the past month or so. we've been busy doing the normal day to day routine with soccer a couple times a week, cub scouts, church duties, and of course school and work. owen keeps me very busy these days. he just goes and goes and doesn't stop... just like jack, ellie and charlie did (and pretty much still do). he gets into everything and has figured out how to climb.

we don't have a pantry (curse whoever designed a home without a pantry!!!). owen pulls everything off our shelves, several times a day. sometimes we get lucky and don't have spills. we try to hide all of the glass items, but owen is clever and can find them.

we went to OKC for an overnight trip last month so chris and i could take turns going to the temple. the kids were very much needing a swim, so they were in heaven. charlie told me last week "mommy, my arms need to swim. can we build a pool cause i need to swim? please?". florida kids through and through.

i put together a baby shower for katie smith on the 23rd and it was a great afternoon! they welcomed their 4th girl, Remi Lee Smith, last wednesday the 3rd and she is the most beautiful newborn i've ever seen. I've enjoyed her snuggles.

it's been really windy the past few weeks, so we've tried to make the most of it with the kite charlie got for christmas.

 we've prepped all of our valentine's and are ready for the school parties! we got this fun idea from kersey over at  and the kids love it and can't wait to pass them out.

 this week we will celebrate ellie's birthday. i can't believe our baby girl is going to be 8. EIGHT!!! she is over the moon excited for her baptism on the 27th of this month. she and her best friend Dani will be getting baptized at the same time. a few months ago she told me that when she gets baptized, she wanted to wear a long white dress that touched the floor. such a funny girl. we found the perfect dress online and she looks so beautiful!


Rikki Browne said...

Oh wow, Ellie!! What an exciting time for you. You look so beautiful in your white dress. I hope your week is as special as you are!!

Carolina said...

Wow! Ellie is so grown up!! I think I will also need to find that dress. Unique and beautiful!!