Monday, March 13

brower bakery

i have spent some one on one time with each of the kids in the kitchen the past couple days. needless to say, it's been tasty.

first up was ellie!
she wanted to make a crusty loaf of bread and we gobbled it up on spaghetti night.

next up was charlie!
charlie does not like my chocolate chip cookies. yes, you read that correctly. he does not like my chocolate chip cookies.
"they are too fluffy and tall and i want them flat and chewy". so he searched different recipes and picked a recipe based off of the picture. we named these Charlie Chip Cookies.

last, but certainly not least, was jack!
he wanted to learn how to shape rolls and made a batch of rolls AND hamburger buns!
we served these up as sandwiches with some smoked pulled beef chris made.

i cook with the kids a lot, but i will be totally honest. i am not nice. it usually drives me crazy. its easier, faster, and cleaner to do it alone and my patience wears thin very quickly when they are in the kitchen. somehow they always manage to still have fun and still love being in the kitchen even though I'm a grouch when we cook together. but i decided if i made a special effort that they would enjoy it more and be able to work on some skills that they really want to develop. they each told me during their turn how much fun they were having and i feel silly admitting this, but i really enjoyed it too. it was a good reminder for me to slow down. these guys won't want me hanging around showing them what i know for much longer and i need to take advantage of these opportunities (i.e. schedule in more of these dates or else it won't happen).

charlie said he wanted to be a baker and i said it would be awesome if he became one when he was older. he turned to me and looked me in the eye and said "i don't have to be older to be a baker". no you don't charlie. you can be a baker now.
how cool would it be if these guys grew up being bakers or chefs or something like that and worked together?! 
I'm voting for a bagel shop :) brower brothers bagels has a nice ring to it...


Melissa said...

I honestly don't understand how anyone could dislike your chocolate chip cookies! I would do just about anything to have one made by you--they aren't as good when I make them. You are so amazing! I find cooking and baking with my kids to be very stressful.

Carolina said...

I felt your pain this week as Louie tried to help me bake and decorate Liam's birthday cake. What a good idea to have a special baking moment with each kid. I can imagine that lowers any mommy's stress level! I'll definitely have to do this with my own kids.

Rikki Browne said...

yuuuuuum! All of those baked goods looked amazing... I want to have a bake day with Lis! How did the Charlie Chip Cookies turn out? I would be a Brower Brothers Bagel customer for sure.