Monday, August 25

august 2008

ok, so im already slacking with this whole blog thing, sorry everybody. well, this month has been a pretty busy one. on friday the 15th we went to julia's wedding in orlando. it was very nice, but i forgot the camera of course. then the next day, mom and i helped set up the reception and then we went to the reception that night, bet you couldnt have guessed that! well the next tuesday chris' family came to visit from ohio. it was soooo much fun. cathy and her kids, kayla and cade came, along with delauna and her two kidos morgan and caiden. we had a blast. jack LoVeD every minute of it! when they got here late tuesday night they found little personalized boxes with chocolates and candies on their bed... i tried to be a good hostess like mom. even though most were on air matresses, i think everyone was comfortable.

jack man with cade at the clawson's house

delauna and the little snook she caught at new pass

with tropical storm fay brewing down by cuba, we had some pretty good waves. the water was murky, but at least it was warm. i was worried that they wouldn't have fun because they all wanted to find shells and things, but in the end, i think everyone had fun in the waves.

caders and jack

jack and a yummy turkey sandwich at our picnic at the clawson's beach

they were only able to stay for 2 whole days, which was WAY too short, but it was awesome seeing everyone again! i love cathy to death and i wish we lived by them. wait...scratch that. i wish they lived by us :) i hope they had as much fun as we did!

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