Monday, August 25

fay, fay, go away

right after our visitors left we were busy preparing for tropical storm fay. we weren't sure if she was going to stay a tropical storm or move up to a cat 1 hurricane by the time she reached us. we got all of our water and food together, bags packed in case of an evacuation and all those other odds and ends that come along with a hurricane. chris was worried about it, but im sure it was only because he really didnt know what to expect. i do have to admit, it is a little scary when you have a couple little ones that your in charge of. the night before the storm came (she hit the morning of the 19th), i was walking thru the kitchen and i noticed something out of the corner of my eye. there was a little frog that had got inside the house. so i asked chris to come catch it and he did. we let it go outside and came back in. i had something to throw away so i went into the laundry room where the garbage can is. when i turned on the light there were frogs every where! ok ok, everyone knows i tend to exaggerate. they werent everywhere, but we did catch 4 or 5 frogs in the laundry room. what i think happened was chris had brought in a bunch of boxes earlier that afternoon from mom and dads garage and put them in the laundry room and i think they were either on the boxes or came in when he had the door open. it was pretty fun catching them together!

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