Saturday, November 1


so this year was a fun one for us in terms of parties and costumes. the young men and young women were in charge of the ward halloween party again this year which meant larissa and i did most of the planning and prepping. ok, not true. chris did a lot of the planning as well and he definitely carried out the plans while at the party. it was on wednesday night instead of mutual. we, the brower family, volunteered to do the fish pond (imagine that!) so i sat in our car while chris helped the little ones fish through our sun roof. once jack saw what was going on, he didnt care to go visit the rest of the carnival events. jack wanted to be harry potter so i got his whole costume together which he thought was soooo cool, until wednesday night, of course. he didnt want to wear any of it! the robe, the glasses, or even hold the wand! i was so sad! chris and i copied our sister-in-law elena and went as mccain and palin. it was so much fun! people were asking to take pictures with us and everything! we did a pretty good job, if i do say so myself :)"drill here, drill now!" just kidding! any time someone tried to talk politics i lifted my hand and said, "please no, it's JUST a costume"

one afternoon mom and i took the kids to target to look at halloween stuff. ellie was really fussy, but jack was having a great time. well, i saw this wig and put it on ellie just to make mom laugh and she immediately stopped screaching. when i took it off, she screamed so i put it back on and she stopped! needless to say, mom bought the wig and it turned out to be on sale!

last night, instead of taking the kids trick-or-treating we stayed at grandmas to help pass out candy. i thought jack would have a hoot seeing all the kids come to the door....and mom always passes out full-size candy bars ;) well, no kids ended up coming! shucks! actually its very weird. anyways, we went to outback and had aussie cheese fries and a thunder down under. jack had so much fun. we went late enough that there werent too many people. so i let jack walk down our bench and dance. he shimmied like none other and the people across from us were laughing so hard. this went on for about 3 or 4 songs. it was great. he's such a ham!

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