Monday, November 10

i viva la vida !

Coldplay is AMAZING!!!! chris and i went to orlando on friday and saturday! we had more fun than i can even describe. on the drive there we spent a good 2-3 hours geocaching and added quite a few to our numbers. then we checked in our hotel and freshened up for the coldplay concert. we were sooooo excited because when we saw them almost 3 years ago, they were incredible! we were anxious to see how they compared. well, let me just say this. they KNOW how to put on a show! once again they proved to be the best band i have ever seen in concert. chris and i had decent seats, but they were in the back somewhat. well, halfway through the show they got off stage and came into the stand about 15 feet away from us and sang 2 songs!!!!!!! it was awesome!!! i couldnt stop screaming when i realized what was happening! i stood on my seat and screamed and danced like a maniac (much to the displeasure of those sitting behind me im sure!). the whole time i danced and screamed and sang along and and was incredible! i loved every minute of it. this will be a memory of chris and i that i will treasure forever! i dont want to say to much about the concert itself because of others i know that will be going at a later date and i dont want to give anything away ;)
we have a lot of video clips (we taped pretty much the entire concert), but most of them are either too long or will, once again, give things away! hopefully you will get a little taste from the pics and clips i've selected.

ok, so after trying to upload several videos, i received a message reporting that could not be reached and that it might not even publish. so i will try to publish this with just the pics and then i will post the videos at a later time. sorry. i guess you'll just have to check back soon!


Kersey and Preston said...

That is SO awesome lease! I'm really glad you had a great time! And I am glad you didn't give anything away! ;)

Kersey and Preston said...

Ok lease, I NEED updates! It has been nearly a whole month and NOTHING from the brower hour! I know you are crazy busy, but I am desperate here. Carrie too. It was a discussion we had the other day. So please, please, let us in on the life that is yours.