Friday, May 29


alright. here is a brief (ok, far too long) update on our family...picture style. first and by far most exciting, my lovely sister has wonderful news!
Delayna is engaged!!!!

we had several shots of both of us looking "funny", but i thought she would appreciate a nice picture of her for the blog. lucky for you, i dont care how scary i look! they are planning a late august- mid september wedding! yay!!! bring it on! tony is a wonderful guy. a return missionary and a medic in the army. he has just returned from iraq and we were able to meet him this spring over the conference weekend. anyone who is willing to sacrifice so much to serve, not only our country, but bring democracy and freedom to others is a hero in my book! we certainly pray for our troops. the only thing about it is this: a few years ago layna gave me her kitchenaid mixer because all of her roommates had one. well, she will most definitely be needing this in washington d.c. to cook for her new hubby, so sadly i will be returning it to her. well lucky for christopher, i know EXACTLY what i want!!! i have wanted this kitchenAid Artisan 5 quart mixer in tangerine for YEARS. seriously. man, i love it! i have left pictures of it on our wallpaper...notes of when sales are, you know, all the "subtle" hints chris will need ;)

next up :

last night we walked over to bo and larissa's and were literally eaten alive by mosquitos. poor little miss was devoured. what sweet flesh! you may have to click on the picture to get a good view of her legs. yikes!

she has discovered how much fun it is to sit up to the table. no high chair, no booster. wow. loads of fun.

don't ask. she gets it from her dad.
on monday we read a story from the friend for FHE. it was about a grandma and a trip to get donuts, so naturally, we went to get donuts for our treat. here she is waiting patiently, which is a rare occurance.
ellie has started pulling out her hair in the back of her head. the worst part is that she then proceeds to eat it. im not worried about the fact that she has created a rat-tail in the back, but that there could be hair balls developing in her stomach. i guess until i hear otherwise i just wont worry about it.
Jack Man
we played super heros today and jack decided he wanted his cape to be more of a "joseph & mary" look...singular!

here he is struttin' his stuff. these are his first pair of flip flops. it's taking some getting used to, but he's catching on! also, this is a shirt from grandma janie, who jack is THRILLED to be going to visit next week!!!!!
this is what happens when you have a 2 1/2 year old who refuses to take a nap and then crashes on the couch in the evening.

jack and the holy grail... i mean a donut
and just for laughs...


Kayla said...

Hi Lisa! this is Kayla. =D congrats to you sister! that is so awesome! I love your kids! they are both so cute! my mom says thanks for the tortilla recipe! we can't wait to try it! I am really excited about seeing you guys soon!

Thompson Family said...

Hi- saw this on face book through your sister Rikki :) Would you mind if I add you to my blog list?
Donna T.

lisa said...

OF COURSE you can add us! that is if you don't mind me doing the same!!!

Thompson Family said...

that's fine! :)

Laine said...

Lisa, just so you know, Heidi also used to pull out and eat her hair when she was little. Thankfully that ended. :) CUTENESS SUPREME on this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!